Teaching & Learning in a Digital World #TLDWPeel

iAssessment – Easy, Efficient, Effective

If you are checking out this blog ahead of the TLDW Conference, currently attending my workshop, or are visiting afterwards, I have provided some useful links below to help start you on your paperless grading journey. I will be demonstrating how I use iAnnotate in much greater detail during the workshop and will also include a brief tutorial of Turnitin’s new iPad app if I have time. I will also do a live demonstration of how easy it is to use Evernote to collect evidence of student product, conversations and observations. In addition, I will show you a creative way to use Explain Everything to evaluate student work and I will show you a fun way to track Learning Skills using Class Dojo.

Setting up your Dropbox account

Follow this link to create your Dropbox account (yes I do get bonus storage if you follow this link – but so do you – win win!). Just follow the instructions and you are on your way!


Setting up your Dropbox account on iAnnotate

Here is a short video I made demonstrating how easy it is to get started.

Evernote & the Triangulation Of Evidence

Creating an Evernote account to keep track of student Product, Conversations, and Observations is as simple as taking a photo or making an audio recording with your iPhone or iPad and letting Evernote do the work! Here is a short video on how to setup your account to track student work.

Class Dojo

Check my last blog post for information on how I use Class Dojo in my classroom.

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