21st Century Lesson Plan

I’m out of the classroom today. Last night I was putting a lesson together for my grade 9 Issues in Canadian Geography classes and was struggling with creating something meaningful. When you are out of the classroom it is difficult to find a balance between a meaningful and productive lesson and something that a supply teacher can manage. Enter Smore – an amazing, device neutral, web 2.0 tool that requires no sign in and has endless applications.

I’ve used Smore in the past to introduce students to assignments (here and here) but never thought to use it as a platform for an entire lesson. In the Immigration to Canada lesson that I created for my students today they will be able to navigate through a series of tasks (reading, analyzing pictures and maps, watching videos, listening to podcasts) on their own device without having to leave the Smore website. Students will be working in pairs (something I always try to do when we BYOD) to encourage collaboration and to bridge any digital divide.

This Smore lesson will ensure I don’t lose a day and will provide a self directed lesson than any supply teacher can manage. I’m just hoping we don’t have any WiFi issues today!

Check out my lesson!


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