What does learning in the 21st century mean to me?

So Jason Richea and #peel21st have asked me to reflect on what learning in the 21st century means to me. Thanks Jay, that’s a pretty straightforward question. 😉 Oh, and I only have 100 words? Even better.


So, lets get right to it (that’s 40 words already). Our role as teachers is changing (and quickly). We need to get on board before the train blows past us in the station. We must get over the idea that we are the keepers of knowledge and the notion that all of our content is so incredibly important that we need to make our students write our every word in a notebook (that will find itself in the recycling bin in just a few short months).

Teaching and learning today should focus on equipping students with the necessary skills to think critically about the information they find and should empower them to construct their own learning. As teachers we must provide our students with a skill set that will allow them to effectively synthesize, present, and otherwise use information to problem solve, influence change, and innovate. The ultimate goal being intrinsically motivated students who are producers of content rather than passive consumers.

So, only 200 words in the end. Hey, that’s close enough Jay.

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7 thoughts on “What does learning in the 21st century mean to me?

  1. Jimmy, my favourite quote from your post is:

    “focus on equipping students with the necessary skills to think critically about the information they find and should empower them to construct their own learning”

    Love it!

  2. Great post. I like that you’ve touched on the idea of students “influencing change.” This modern world can be so mixed up sometimes, and students really do need to become engaged with making this world a better place for everyone. Thanks for sharing!

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